Oasis Tribute Band - Oasist

Oasis Tribute Band - Oasist

Oasist - Use a pro full 3.5k logic system pa system & Lighting

Shane Kelley - Shure Beta 57A, Pro monitoring system. Oh yeah lets not forget the tambourine! Favourite song is slide away

Adam Cole - Shure Sm-58 Mic, Laney valve amp & Marshall valve amp - Les Paul - Epiphone Sheraton - Epiphone John Lennon Acoustic - Takamine Acoustic - Multi Fx units - All Equipment flightcased - Favourite song is underneath the sky & it's good to be free

Joey Slack - Fender Blues Junior amp, Laney Valve Amp, Marshall valve amp - Epiphone Firebird - Les Paul - Multi Fx units - All Equipment flightcased - Favourite song is D'ya know what i mean?

Chris Berridge - Fender Precision Usa - Burns bison - Marshall dbs 400w head - ampeg cab - Fender Rack Tuner - All Equipment flightcased - favourite song is Listen Up

David Berridge - Full pearl drum kit x 2 - full pro samson/shure mic set - Zildjian Cymbals + More - All Flighcased - Favourite song is Masterplan

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